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Kidstyle 10:30 AM
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Sermon Series:

Most people start off reading the Bible with ease because of the way that the stories seem to flow. Creation, the global flood, call of Abram, Israelites in Egypt, Exodus and Moses makes for easy reading history and stories of the Bible. Then we come upon Leviticus. With all the rituals, laws, and sacrifices people become confused and disallusioned and stop reading what God was trying to tell them. Leviticus is challenging, but what if the result of studying Leviticus is that in future years everytime we read it we see powerful truths about God and ourselves that will affect the way we think and live? Are the laws in Leviticus even revelant to today's culture? What if we are Christians can see Christ written in the pages of Leviticus as we study them.

Join us as we begin our study in Leviticus on Janruary 6th.